About Us

‘About Us – What about you?’
We’re ninjas, ya know, flying in at night through the shadows. We don’t really like a whole lot of personal attention, that’s why we wear a mask and all.
We’re not shy really just stealthy. You’ll never see us coming. Heck! Sometimes we just don’t even show up especially if we find a nice buffet. You know, with the little won-tons and perhaps some short ribs. Oh and disco fries. Sweet potato disco fries are the best.

Sometimes on these missions to make awesome games for you, we don’t have time to really eat healthy. We spend so much time battling deprecated functions and pushing pixels around. It is really hard work but we hope you enjoy it. Cause we do it for you –

So why don’t you tell us about you: What’s your favorite destination? Where would you like to go?