Mahjong Vacations Updated

Time to Explore with Mahjong Vacations
With the redesigned and updated Mahjong Vacations, you can lose yourself in dozens of different exotic vacations and even take trips through time. Lose yourself on a soft white beach of Thailand, a gondola ride in Venice or an adventure in the Amazon through Mahjong Vacations. This new take on the classic tile-matching game lets you play the way you want. You can play for speed or for leisure. It’s your vacation. Play your way.

There are over five hundred boards through over 30 destinations. Each one is a customized vacation with soothing ambient music and immersive visuals including unique tile sets to enhance your experience.

The game is optimized for the latest iOS devices.

Think you’ve played Mahjong? You haven’t really experienced it until you’ve taken a Mahjong vacation.

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