WordWeaver Mayan Legends

WordWeaver Mayan Legends is an explosive word find game.

wooden_explode_6~ipadExperience the best of two game worlds – classic word creation and arcade puzzle. Weave around the board to make words of this unique and addictive game set in an ancient tribal land.

WordWeaver adds the fun of Bejeweled™ to the word finder games like Quordy or Wurdle®. But WordWeaver introduces something unique – a woven lattice board. Manipulate the lattice to reveal hidden letters, discover special tiles and earn extra points. At a loss for words? Weave your way out! Word Weaver brings a fresh face to the word finding game.

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What people are saying:

“WordWeaver has a superb design and with all it’s unique features, it will keep you entertained and keep you coming back.” – appleiphoneschool.com

“What do you get when you cross Scrabble, Bookworm, and Aztec style? The answer would be WordWeaver!” – panappticon.com

“Word Weaver is one of the most impressive word games of it’s kind in the iTunes App Store today. It’s great for a quick play and the campaign mode continues the word boggling fun.” -appinreview.com

“The amount of polish in the game is outstanding–the graphics and animations are very nicely done and the sound effects and music are amazing and really set the tone for the game” – panappticon.com

“A unique mash-up of puzzle games Word Weaver gives the challenge of Quordy with a Aztec theme and an scoring system similar to Scrabble on steroids!” – appinreview.com

“Wordweaver Takes Word Games to the Next Level”

&##8220;We highly recommend this game to any fan of this genre. “
– AppAddict.net

“This “simple word game” just became a full-fledged game that will push players to maximize their glossary for glory.”
– AppCraver.com

“Previously our favorite game in this genre was 99 Games’ WordsWorth, but the more we play WordWeaver, the more we love it, the career mode is quite addictive, and WordWeaver is quickly becoming our go-to word finding game. “
– appaddict.net

“At first glance, Word Weaver seems to be like every other word game out there, whether it’s on the iPhone or a browser game. However, it doesn’t take long to see that Word Weaver easily stands out from the rest.” – Dallas iPhone Games Examiner

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